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Speech & Milestones

Below is an outline of the speech, language and communication milestones.

You can download and print a PDF of this information.

Please feel free to contact Jill Sendik at NOVA with any questions or to schedule an evaluation for your child.
From birth to three months the child should...
  • Startle or cry at loud noises;
  • Stop moving and seem to listen to speech or sounds;
  • Awaken at a loud sound.
From three to six months your child should...
  • Look toward a sound or speaker;
  • Smile when spoken to;
  • Recognize mother’s voice;
  • Enjoy rattles and other toys that make sounds.
From six to nine months your child should...
  • Respond to his or her name;
  • Babble and make lots of different sounds;
  • Respond to “no”.
  • Imitates vocalizing to another person.
From 9-12 months your child should…
  • Vocalize in front of the mirror;
  • Vocalizes during play;
  • May acquire first true word;
  • Babbling – combines different syllables in vocal play;
  • Can name or look for subject out of sight;
  • Squeezes doll to make them squeak;
  • Plays ball with another person.
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